5 star nutrition

It is a proven concept that most successful people in this world have learned to make sure that not only are they making good decisions in their business environment, but they are also making good decisions in their nutrition.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a while, this is something that you definitely need to pay special attention to, because the first thing most people are aware of is their health. Weight control and weight management issues often have their roots in poor nutrition. So if you are not staying up to speed on what you are consuming in your body, you could be missing out major elements in the process of becoming thinner.




Here are the top 5 principles to make sure that you are reaping the most benefit out of your nutritious endeavors.

1. You should be aware that grains and carbohydrates might not be the thing you consider to be “healthy”, and in fact, some of the choices you might have to make for your diet meal planning could actually be causing you to gain weight instead of losing extra pounds. Carbohydrates such as bread, rice and pasta are used immediately (i.e. first) to provide energy for your body.

If you eat these types of carbs without burning as many calories as they enter your body, they will be stored for later as fat, which actually works to slow your metabolism. If you want to switch from “healthy” carbs to ones that will help boost your metabolism, you can start with low glycemic index (GI) foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, lettuce, peppers, carrots and junkyard. Get creative with your veggies. You can even eat some of the bread, pasta and cereal that you’re used to if you know how to modify them correctly.

As for your protein and fat, you’ll need to know that you now have alternatives you can use to replace those high calorie choices that you will now be needing. You should know that foods like tofu can be included in your diet as a good substitute for meat, and even cheese can be added as an acceptable choice, because it is made of protein and it also helps boost your metabolism or, to be more specific, it takes a lot more energy to break down in the body due to its cellular structure.

2. To ensure healthy weight loss, you should be aware that water serves a multiple function in your body so that it can affect digestion function by absorbing sodium and potassium in your body.

Water also helps to manipulate the amount of sodium and potassium in your body- and this is partially because of the fact that water needs to take the place of high salt levels in your body. If you drink water before and while meals, you will not only suppress your appetite, but you will also feel fuller faster. There was also another research that was conducted on participants that showed that drinking tea before exercise given to those undertaking strength training, increased the amount of protein that they absorbed into their bodies by as much as 36%.

3. It is also recommended that you ensure that you get the right amount of caloric intake if you want long-lasting weight loss results. You need to ensure that you burn more calories than you take in. It is preferable that you seek weight loss guidance so as to ensure that you are able to know the amount of calories you should intake and you should be aware of what you have been consuming each day.

4. It is also essential that you eat the right amount of daily exercise. Many people overlook this vital part of the weight loss process. Some people think that they can survive on diet alone and achieve their goal weight. But you should know that you need daily exercise to help you build muscles and muscles are the ones that burn more calories in the body.

The right amount of exercise for each individual will vary depending on their specific fitness goals and base on one’s age and gender. In a nutshell, find the right exercise routine for you and stick to it regularly. There are various exercise routines you can engage in such as walking, running and playing sports. Consult with your doctor regularly about the right form of workout for your problems and the areas where you are having a difficulty getting rid of body fat.

5. Many people today witter about how many crunches and sit-ups they have to do or how soon they will get to their flat abs goal. But you should know that not doing sit-ups is not going to help you in getting flat abs. Far from it.

In fact, sit-ups should be part of your warm up routine for the full body. It works specifically regarding your upper and lower abdominal, and the oblique that is on your sides. So there you have it, the 5 simple secrets to achieving your weight loss goal and getting flat abs. Just remember that the diet you prefer and what type of workout routine you do should be based on your needs.

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